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Ecommerce Aggregator Weekly

Issue #1 | January 19th 2022

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David Shi

Jan 20 2022

3 mins read

Hello and happy Wednesday!

We're starting a newsletter and blog to share weekly news and updates from the ecommerce aggregator ecosystem.

Our goal is to be a trusted source on major trends and new developments that arise in a rapidly changing global market so that you can stay up to date while focusing on your business.


This week, Thrasio announced that they were entering the Indian market through the acquisition of Lifelong Online and a $500 million investment commitment, tapping Lifelong CEO Bharat Kalia as the new head of Thrasio India.

A report by Modern Retail showed that Amazon downloads were outpaced by upstarts like Meesho and Shopee in their respective markets, opening up the question around whether aggregators will, like Una Brands, branch out of acquiring only Amazon sellers.

An article published by Forbes summarized the race to find new asset classes in a low-interest rate market, as family offices, hedge funds, and private equity search for alternative investments in a bid to maximize yield.

Read our quick roundup of what happened last week in the aggregator world below.


Thrasio will invest over $500M in India following the acquisition of D2C brand Lifelong Online. ‎[PYMNTS]

Ecommerce Brands snags $40M in equity and debt to deploy eCaaS model. [TechCrunch]

Swell takes in $20M to develop adaptable headless commerce infrastructure. [TechCrunch]


‎Ecommerce aggregator Alphagreen Group acquires Yawns [BusinessLeader]

SoftBank Backed Ecommerce Rollup Unicorn GlobalBees Acquires Three D2C Brands. [Inc42]

Roll-Up Ecommerce Unicorn Mensa Brands Acquires Aromatherapy D2C Brand Florona. [Inc42]


Shopify drops Future of Commerce Trends Report 2022. [Shopify]

Ecommerce companies realize that equity and debt aren't optimal ways to finance growth. They're starting to trade monthly recurring revenue to secure upfront capital without dilution and debt via platforms like Pipe. [Forbes]


‎Shopify sellers saw sales increase 23% during Turkey 5 in 2020 while overall ecommerce sellers declined. [Thrasio]

Shopee in Singapore and Meesho in India are now the first and third largest shopping apps globally. Amazon is missing out on social commerce in Asia. [ModernRetail]

This holiday season, consumers spent $204.5 billion online, up 8.6% compared to last year. But red-letter deals took a back seat this year, as consumers started early and spread out their spending, according to numbers from Adobe Analytics. [RetailDive]

Perch poaches Amazon executive to lead analytics and tech growth. [BusinessInsider]

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