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Ecommerce Aggregator Weekly

Issue #2 | January 27th 2022

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David Shi

Jan 27 2022

2 mins read

Happy Thursday!

If you're new, welcome to Ecommerce Aggregator Weekly from Operator.

Our goal is to be a trusted source on major trends and new developments that arise in a rapidly changing global market so that you can stay up to date while focusing on your business.


This week, Shopify and JD partnered to make it easier for Shopify sellers to market, source, and sell in China, putting pressure directly on Alibaba. Concurrently, the partnership aims to make it easier for Chinese sellers to access Western markets.

Rainforest, an aggregator based in Singapore, announced that they were aiming to invest $100 million to acquire brands in 2022. Rainforest focuses on acquiring Asia-Pacific brands selling internationally, announcing that their cross-border strategy allowed them to outpace US ecommerce market growth by 3x in 2021.

Thrasio and Boosted Commerce both acquired companies in a bid to enter the brick and mortar retail channel, signaling ambitions by aggregators to expand to omnichannel as a pathway to expansion.

Read our quick roundup of what happened last week in the aggregator world below.


Ecommerce roll-up firm, Rainforest, targets a $100M investment for 24 brand acquisitions. [TechInAsia]


Ecommerce rollup platform Evenflow Brands closes four acquisitions in gardening, kitchen, and sports. [The Economic Times]

Bangalore-based Mensa Brands continues acquisition spree and buys majority stake in gardening startup TrustBasket. [Inc42], Evo, Club Champion, Worldwise, and Thrasio each make an acquisition in January to build international expertise. [DigitalCommerce360]


Why Amazon aggregators are acquiring brands with brick and mortar partnerships [ModernRetail]

Why Does Everyone Want to Buy My Amazon FBA Business? [Suma Brands]

Selling Your Amazon FBA Business: Why Speed of Close Matters. [Boosted Commerce]

6 DTC trends to watch in 2022 [Retail Dive]


Shopify and China’s team up to capture cross-border sellers. [TechCrunch]

Shopify is cutting contracts with warehouses across the US, marking a shift in its push to challenge Amazon's massive fulfillment machine [BusinessInsider]

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