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Ecommerce Aggregator Weekly

Issue #5 | February 17th 2022

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David Shi

Feb 18 2022

3 mins read

Happy Thursday!

If you're new, welcome to Ecommerce Aggregator Weekly from Operator. Our goal is to be a trusted source on major trends and new developments that arise in a rapidly changing global market so that you can stay up to date while focusing on your business.


This week, South Korean aggregator New Vessel and Indonesian aggregator Grow Commerce announced seed funding, as Asia-based aggregators continue to proliferate in the region.

Mensa Brands announced that they were leading a $10 million Series A round for RENEE Cosmetics. Other aggregators like Thrasio and Nebula have historically also invested in brands to secure acquisition deal flow and diversify their revenue base.

In a report published by Marketplace Pulse, 60,000 sellers on Amazon globally generated at least $1 million in sales, with half of that in the US market. As valuation multiples for the most successful brands increase, aggregators that have historically focused primarily on the Amazon channel have begun to explore omnichannel strategies.

Read our quick roundup of what happened last week in the aggregator world below.


Korean internet giant Naver backs e-commerce aggregator New Vessel in seed round funding. ‎[TechCrunch]

Indonesian fashion brand aggregator Grow Commerce bags $7M in seed funding from AC Ventures, East Ventures. [TheBusinessTimes]

RENEE Cosmetics raises $10 million in Series A led by Mensa Brands [Hindu Business Line]


Rollup ecommerce unicorn, GlobalBees acquires fitness equipment and accessories brand, Reach. ‎[LetsTalkExits]

E-commerce aggregator SustainKart acquires homecare brand FromVedas. [BusinessWorld]


How to Identify the Most Successful Companies of the Internet Era. ‎[UnchartedTerritories]

When to Exit an FBA Business. [Boosted]

How to Build a Successful Amazon Brand, According to Ecommerce Experts. [SumaBrands]

The 5 Best Places To Sell Your Shopify Store. [Dianthus]

Rainforest founder JJ Chai's journey from Airbnb, Carousell to starting up an ecommerce aggregator. [Campaign


‎Major Amazon aggregators, including Thrasio and SellerX turn to Flippa's new matchmaking service to acquire new sellers. ‎[BusinessInsider]

60,000 Amazon Sellers Exceeded $1M in Sales. [MarketPlus]

Amazon strike deals with beauty brands to compete with beauty giants like Ulta and Sephora. [ModernRetail]

UpScalio focuses on the utility sector to make it big in the rollup space. [YourStory]

Brand aggregators announce small and medium enterprises(SME) roll-ups in Indonesia. [TheJakartaPost]

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