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Ecommerce Aggregator Weekly

Issue #3 | February 2nd 2022

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David Shi

Feb 02 2022

3 mins read

Hello and happy Wednesday!

If you're new, welcome to Ecommerce Aggregator Weekly from Operator. Our goal is to be a trusted source on major trends and new developments that arise in a rapidly changing global market so that you can stay up to date while focusing on your business.


This week, global aggregator activity continued to grow, with Tjufoo announcing their latest raise with plans to acquire Indonesia-based brands and Upscalio announcing that they were ready to acquire 25-30 brands by 2023.

Elevate Brands announced that merchant exit transactions could now be facilitated in cryptocurrencies, partnering with Coinbase Prime.

In an in-depth breakdown of the ecommerce aggregator market as a whole, Aakash Gupta shared the story of Opontia and the aggregation opportunities in the MENA market due to Amazon's relatively low market share in the region.

Read our quick roundup of what happened last week in the aggregator world below.


Upscalio, a startup venture similar to Thrasio, invested an undisclosed amount in the home and gardening brand, Truphe. [VC Circle]

Dianthus, cofounded by the former CEO of Talla and Backupify, Rob May, announced their intent to acquire ecommerce brands using AI. [Biz Journals]


Cloud kitchen brand aggregator, Curefoods, and Swiggy backed Maverix merge. [Inc42]

Startup brand aggregator Tjufoo raises IDR 1.8 trillion to acquire small brands in Indonesia. [TechInAsia]

Gautam Kshatriya, the CEO of Upscalio says they are ready to acquire 25-30 brands by 2023. [BW Disrupt]


Thrasio releases an eBook on getting ecommerce businesses ready for sale. [Thrasio]

Dubai-based ecommerce aggregator, Opontia, raised more than $42M in under 12 months. It's growing rapidly by focusing on Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. [Aakash G]

Evenflow and Assidus Global partner together to strengthen supply chain. [Business Today]


Elevate brands enables crypto payment options for Amazon marketplace sellers. [Global Crypto]

Chinese sellers turn to Walmart’s marketplace after being banned from Amazon. [Bloomberg]


‎Elevate Brands Names Amazon and Wayfair and Wayfair Alumni as COO and CRO. [LetsTalkExits]

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