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Ecommerce Aggregator Weekly

Issue #6 | February 24th 2022

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David Shi

Feb 25 2022

2 mins read

If you're new, welcome to Ecommerce Aggregator Weekly from Operator.

Our goal is to be a trusted source on major trends and new developments that arise in the aggregator industry so that you can stay up to date while focusing on your business.


This week, The Entrepreneur dubbed the supply chain crisis and a shortage in the freight trucking industry as the "new pandemic" and emphasized its impact on Amazon sellers.

One of the core premises of the aggregator model is that margins improve when consolidation increases supply chain efficiency, making this a test of the roll-up model's fundamental economics.

A Forbes article highlighted Indian aggregator 10club's strategy of long-term thinking and reinvesting profits over unprofitable growth. Different operating models have arisen as the aggregator space matures, posing the question of which ones will persist in the long term.

Read our quick roundup of what happened last week in the aggregator world below.


Supply chain issues are creating a "new pandemic" and impacting Amazon Aggregators. ‎[Entrepreneur]

Ecommerce roll-up 10club has a portfolio of 8 companies but wants to stay lean as they grow brands from "1 to 10" [Forbes]

How does an aggregator integrate your brand? [Olsam]

How to protect your brand's reputation and customers on Amazon. [Benitago]

Dia&Co’s Nadia Boujarwah gets on a podcast and talks about growing the $21B plus-size market. [ModernRetail]

Why Investors are Funding Aggregators Acquiring Hundreds of Amazon’s Third-Party Sellers with Brian Harwitt. [Let'sTalkExits]

Shopify’s Evolution - its origin and future from Ben Thompson. [Stratechery]


Amazon Prime Got Pricier For New Subscribers On February 18th. [VerveTimes]

Ecommerce Aggregators Survey: 87% of Amazon’s Largest Third-Party Sellers Plan to Sell Their Business to Amazon Aggregators in 2022. [DigitalJournal]

76% of Amazon Sellers Profitable to Start 2022 Despite Supply Chain Crisis. [GlobeNewswire]

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